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5 DIY Snow Day Projects to Help Keep You Organized All Year Round

With below freezing temperatures sweeping through Virginia's Eastern Shore, we're sure residents in our Captain's Cove Resort community will be staying warm in the comfort of their own home. No need to catch a case of the winter cabin fever blues. Not only will these fun DIY snow day projects keep you busy, but they'll help keep your home organized all year round!

Test Tube Spice Rack

Cooking all comes down to a science. So why not add these test tube spice racks to your kitchen! This is perfect for creating more space in your cabinets, and they're convenient when organizing your spices flavor, color, or the spices you use the most.

Plexiglas Boot Tray

Winter tends to be the season when the wet, and muddy remnants from outside make there way into your homes entryway. This DIY boot tray idea uses small rocks or stones to drain the water from wet and muddy footwear. Will Stedden used a piece of clear plastic, and heated it the oven to mold the small edges of the boot mat tray. This technique keeps the rocks from falling off off the tray.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Storage

These repurposed PVC pipes make excellent storage space for your toilet paper or a host of bathroom accessories. Head to your local hardware store the next time the weather breaks to pick up the necessary supplies for this easy to make DIY project.

Hanging Cleaning Tools

This inexpensive DIY will keep all your cleaning organized in one space. Grab a few wooden hangers and shower curtain rings to hang your mops, dusters, dust pans, brooms. Try to even out your rings spaciously on the hanger or else they'll lean to one side.

Geometric Plastic Dispenser
Plastic bags are those handy household items that you never realize you need until you actually need. Save all those empty plastic grocery bags for a rainy day with this DIY Geometric Plastic Dispenser. All you need is an empty plastic bottle and CD or DVD.

Stay warm and proactive during these cold winter snow days.