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5 Helpful Tax Season Articles

Feb 09, 2015

Tax time. Two words most people get a bit anxious about every year as thoughts of diving deep into receipts and paperwork take over. We took a look around and found some of the most useful articles covering the topic including general tax tips, homeowner advice, small business owner insight and even free tax help.

10 Top Tax Issues that Matter in 2015

It's never a good sign when the IRS commissioner is worried about an upcoming tax-filing season. True, recent years have started off with tax uncertainty, which has led to delayed return processing and slowed refunds. And the latest concern is about some expired tax provisions that could produce a replay of the same in 2015.

But beyond those laws and the general hassle of the annual spring rite of filing, there are other tax issues to consider in the coming year. Here are 10 tax matters that could affect you in 2015.

7 (Recently Extended) Tax Breaks That Will Save Taxpayers Money

You know all those tax breaks that were scheduled to expire at the end of 2014? More than 50 of them didn't expire after all but were extended at the last minute by Congress and the president with the Tax Increase Prevention Act, which was signed Dec. 19, 2014.

That's good news for people who have private mortgage insurance, suffered a foreclosure or short sale or live in a state with no income tax. Teachers and college students also benefited, as did homeowners who made energy-saving improvements.

Home Sweet Homeowner Tax Breaks

With the housing market improving in some regions of the country, many people are becoming new homeowners. If you're among the new property owners, congratulations. You've just taken another step up the American-dream ladder and are a homeowner. Along with the joy of painting, plumbing and yard work, you now have some new tax considerations. The good news is you can deduct many home-related expenses.

Top 10 Small Business Tax Tips For 2015

Tax season is around the corner and whether you're filing as an LLC or S Corp, you want to get the most savings possible. To figure out the best ways to save in 2015, we asked accountants and finance experts for their best small business tax tips.

Free Tax Help Available Nationwide

More than 12,000 free tax preparation sites will be open nationwide this year as the Internal Revenue Service continues to expand its partnerships with nonprofit and community organizations. The sites provide vital tax preparation services for low- to-moderate-income and elderly taxpayers.

We hope this information helps to educate a complex issue even if you're a seasoned tax pro!