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Best Amusement Parks in Driving Distance from Captain's Cove

Aug 04, 2016

Experiencing drops and loops on a huge roller coaster or plunging down a slide in a water park... what better way is there to spend a summer day than in an amusement park? With one month left of summer, here are our top amusement parks near Captain's Cove.

Busch Gardens
Williamsburg, VA

Apollo's Chariot
Distance from Captain's Cove: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Highlights: 6 roller coasters, 12 adventure rides, 3 water rides, 11 kids rides, live shows and summer fireworks; right around the corner from Water Country USA, Virginia's largest water park with 16 attractions
Craziest coaster: Apollo's Chariot, with a drop of 210 feet and speeds reaching 73 mph, consistently voted one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world

Six Flags America
Upper Marlboro, MD

Distance from Captain's Cove: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Highlights: 13 thrill rides, 13 family rides, 17 kids rides, a full water park with 15 rides, live entertainment
Craziest coaster: Superman: Ride of Steel with a 208-foot drop and a max speed of 74 mph, all on 5,400 feet of twisting red track. Now available with a headset to immerse you in a virtual reality experience

King's Dominion
Doswell, VA

Distance from Captain's Cove: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Highlights: 18 thrill rides, 14 family rides, Planet Snoopy kids area, Soak City water park, Dinosaurs Alive interactive experience, live entertainment
Craziest coaster: Intimidator 305 features a 300-foot drop at an 85-degree angle and reaches speeds of 90 mph

Hershey Park
Hershey, PA

Distance from Captain's Cove: 4 hours
Highlights: 13 roller coasters, 29 family rides, 20 kids rides, The Boardwalk at Hershey Park with 15 water rides and slides, live entertainment
Craziest coaster: Fahrenheit, a steel coaster that climbs 121 feet before plummeting down a 97-degree drop