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De-Winterize Your Boat

Mar 02, 2016

After some glimpses of warm weather over the past few weeks, it's official: We have Spring Fever. It's almost time to get your boat out of storage and ready to hit the water. Here are 6 musts of de-winterizing your boat.


Change your oil if you didn't before storing your boat for the winter, as well as the outdrive oil. While you're in there, replace the oil filter.

Re-attach battery cables and make sure terminals are not corroded. Use a battery tester to check the volts and amps. If your battery takes water, make sure it is full. A dry battery is a bad battery.

Cooling System
You should have drained the cooling system before storing your boat for the winter, so fill it back up and check the hoses for cracks.

Hopefully you topped off the fuel before storing your boat for the winter to prevent any moisture forming in the tank. Change the fuel filter, and confirm that the fuel line is attached and free of cracks.

Clean out the distributor by removing the distributor cap and cleaning out any corrosion that may have occurred over the winter.

Make sure all belts are tight and don't need replacement. When you press down on the belts, there should only be a little bit of give; otherwise, it needs to be replaced. Another thing to look for is soot near the pulleys. Soot means worn belts that need replacement.

Be sure to check your boat's manual for all of the specifics of boat maintenance, and get ready for warm days out on the water!