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DIY Projects For Those Hot Summer Days

Who hasn't been loving these hot sunny summer days? Beach days and barbeques are what summers are all about! However, everyone needs a chance to cool off during the hottest months of the year. Take a break from the sun with these fun summer themed DIY projects.

Take some much-needed rest from the rising temperatures of summer with this fun Seashell Bath Bomb DIY. Pick up seashell molds from the local craft store to recreate this particular batch of nautically themed bath bombs. Click here for a detailed list of ingredients. You'll love the aroma of of these earthy scents after a hot day


Keep the sand to a minimum with a DIY Mesh Beach Bag. Grab an old window screen, or find one from the local hardware store, to create your go-to beach tote. The versatility of the screen mesh allows the material to be molded into the perfect bag everyone should have at the beach.

Skip tossing out your wine bottles in the trash, and opt to transform them into mini gardens. Creating this Wine Bottle Succulent Planter is a relaxing way to spend a hot summer day indoors. Although this particular project calls for a little patience, the succulent planter is worth it.

Three ingredients and little time in the freezer is all this easy Blueberry Breakfast Popsicle  recipe needs! Start your summer day off refreshed with these delicious, quick, and healthy breakfast popsicles.

Repurpose your old hose from last year to create this DIY Garden Hose Rug for your patio or deck! Using nothing more than a few old hoses and a bag of zip ties, you can create an outdoor mat that adds just the right amount of color to your backyard.

Enjoy the rest of summer!