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Extreme Activities near Captain's Cove

Mar 10, 2016

When the warm weather hits, some of us are content to spend a quiet day out on the boat with a fishing pole. But others might need a little more adrenaline-pumping action to be happy, like barreling through the sky at 120mph. If that's you, read on; here are 5 Extreme Outdoor Activities near Captain's Cove.


Skydive OC in Berlin, MD
A plane will take you up to 18,000 feet in the air, where you and your instructor will jump out, freefall for 40-90 seconds, and then open the parachute and slowly drift back down to the ground. No big deal.

Hang Gliding

Virginia Hang Gliding in Painter, Va
Go up to 5,300 feet in the air above the Eastern Shore, where you can then float peacefully back to the ground or opt for heart-pounding aerobatics.

Water Propelled Jetpack

Relentless Watersports in Ocean City, MD
After a short training session, strap on a jetpack and the water will propel you into the air. Short on jetpacking experience? No worries - you'll receive one-on-one coaching via the safety helmet speaker.


OC Parasail in Ocean City, MD
You will be towed up to 800 feet above the boat, with beautiful Ocean City skyline views, as well as possible dolphin and stingray sightings.


Top Gun Water Sports in Berlin, MD
Start with a guided wave runner tour along the Assateague Island inner coastline, where you may be able to glimpse the famous Assateague ponies, ending at the 4 square mile unrestricted riding area where you can go up to 50+ mph.