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Holiday Entertaining Tips

Nov 13, 2015

It can be stressful to plan an entire holiday party, including the menu, guest list and table settings. But it doesn't have to be! Here are 8 holiday entertaining tips to make your celebrations smoother.

Plan ahead
What are you making, who's coming, and who is bringing what? Plan all of this out days to weeks in advance, giving yourself less of a chance of scrambling on the day of. Here is a great Thanksgiving planner from Martha Stewart to keep you organized and relaxed.

Make anything you can ahead of time
You can make the pie dough in advance and freeze it to be used when you're baking. Anything that you can make ahead of time is one less thing on your plate in crunch time.

Do whatever you can the night before
Set the table, lay out serving dishes, and set up centerpieces and decorations. This will save you time and stress while you're doing everything else that has to be done on the day of the party.

Set up a separate drink area
Set up a separate bar area with cups, drinks, ice, garnish and everything your guests will need. Put your bar away from the appetizers and buffet to keep everyone spread out.

Dress up the table
Make the table festive, but keep it simple with centerpieces that aren't overwhelmingly huge and keep it to one color scheme. Here are some easy options from Midwest Living

Kids table
Line the kids table with brown kraft paper and set out crayons. Super easy to clean up and it will keep your younger guests entertained while they wait for dessert.

Serve festive drinks
Get guests in the mood with fun fall and Thanksgiving inspired cocktails. Here's a great selection from All Recipes.

A plate might break or someone might spill. And that's ok. Just enjoy having your family and friends around and don't sweat the small stuff.