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How to Get Organized in January

Jan 11, 2018

If your New Year's resolution was to be more clean, organized or just to live more simply, we have some tips for you. From small steps you can take every day to cleaning and decluttering problem areas, we've rounded up 10 tips to help you get organized in January.

You stare at your phone all day, using it for grocery lists, notes, calendar reminders, and more. Start by giving your phone a refresh. Clean out old notes, contacts, text messages, and unused apps. Then organize your homepage into folders and get a new wallpaper.

Walk your home with a trash bag (or several). Go room to room, and fill them.

Walk your home with a donation bag. Hit the closests, toy room, bookshelves. Schedule a pickup or drop off as soon as the bag is full.

Start off with the storage supplies you need. Make sure you have plastic bins for off-season items, a filing system for the office, shelves for the kids' toys, and a drawer organizer like this Everything Organizer from the Container Store.

Make sure your foyer is set up for organization. Have a bowl for keys, hooks for bags, shoe rack for shoes, and a bin for umbrellas, sports equipment, and other random things.

Forget the weekends spent doing laundry all day long. Do a small load of laundry every day and stay head of it.

Next time you get gas, don't just sit and wait. Collect all of the trash and clean your car out. Throw it away there, and drive off in a clearer car.

Clear out your fridge and cabinets, throwing away expired items and making a restock list. Before you put items back in, wipe down the shelves.

Use baskets, jars and clear bins to organize your pantry and keep like-items together: kids' snacks, baking supplies, pasta boxes, etc.

Make your mornings easier. A measly five minutes in the evening to pack your work and school bags, make lunch, and pull out an outfit will not only make the morning go smoother, but you won't end up with a messy room and kitchen when it's time to run out for work.

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