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Red White and Blue BBQ

Add a little patriotic pride to your 4th of July barbecues this year. These fun themed recipes and decorations are sure to make your all-American cookout one to remember.

Set the Scene
Your guests will love these DIY Patriotic Plastic Cup Twirlers. Grab a few solo cups (red and blue recommended, of course) and start cutting them into a festive spiral party decoration. Hang them from your fence, tables, and chairs to show your 4th of July Spirit.

For a little extra sparkle try these Patriotic Sand Art Mason Jar Decorations. Layer a clean mason jar with your sandy Independence Day colors and add a tealight candle or sparkler to illuminate your BBQ while waiting on the fireworks.

The Sounds of Independence
It's not a 4th of July party without music. Luckily, Spotify  has accumulated the perfect playlist to get your BBQ started in the right direction! Partygoers won't be able to resist singing along to Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA or Living In America by James Brown.

Red, White, and Blue Cocktails
Toast to the land of the free with this patriotic cocktail Make the most of berry season as you sip on the Berry United. This delicious beverage combines lemon juice, Cointreau, and Crème de Mure to create the ideal 4th of July signature drink!

Fire Up the Grill
Stack up the veggies and meats with these grilled Chicken Fajita Kabobs. For an extra burst of flavor, marinate your chicken with a zest of lime. Don't forget the guacamole and sour cream!

These Dr.Pepper Baby Back Ribs are sure to add that extra pop to your BBQ this year. Once seasoned with dry rub, place the ribs meat side up in a large roasting pan with a rack. Pour Dr. Pepper to the bottom of the roasting pan. Cover the roasting pan with foil so Dr. Pepper can steam and infuse the ribs.

What's for Dessert
Hope you have room left over for dessert. With fresh fruit and creamy cheesecake filling, the Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and cream are gently tossed together to create a creamy red, white and blue fruit salad!