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Spring Cleaning your Outdoor Recreation Equipment

It seems we may have skipped winter this year, and it's already time for spring cleaning. Living in Captain's Cove, you probably have plenty of outdoor recreation equipment for you to enjoy our amazing amenities like the marina, golf course, tennis courts and more. Keep reading for some of the best ways to organize your recreation equipment!

Fishing Equipment

When it comes to storing your fishing equipment in the garage, there are some great DIY solutions. This PVC Organizer is an easy way to keep your fishing rods organized, and is customizable to fit however many you need. We also love this easy tutorial for a wooden fishing pole rack. Check out the video below.

As for the rest of your equipment, here's a great Beginner's Guide to Tackle Management.

Golf Bag

Any avid golfer will know that a game of golf is all about pacing. You'll be thrown off if you have to spend time before every swing digging around your bag for the right club. Here's a great blog from Golfsmith on the best way to organize your golf bag.

Sports Equipment

With access to Captain Cove's tennis courts, basketball courts and more, there's probably plenty of sports equipment lying around your garage. We love these clever sports equipment storage solutions, with solutions like peg boards, a repurposed pallet, and a DIY rolling storage cart.


Whenever you're organizing recreation equipment, you'll probably find that some of it is just taking up extra space and it's time to be donated. Goodwill has a retail store in Salisbury, MD, and a drop-off location in Berlin, MD.