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Winter Houseplant Care

Jan 31, 2018

With the low light, cold temperatures, and dry air of winter, your houseplants may need a little extra TLC to make it through to spring. But don't worry; all it takes is a few quick changes to your normal routine. We've rounded up some easy tips to make sure your houseplant is happy and healthy all winter long!

Less water

Many plants go into a hibernation mode in the winter, so they don't need as much water. Water them lightly, and when in doubt check to see if the soil is moist about an inch below the surface. If so, they're fine.


Humidity drops drastically with the dry, winter air but plants prefer higher humidity. Keep your plants happy by keeping them near a humidifier if you use one, or try one of these methods:

  • Group plants together. There tends to be more moisture around the pots because they are full of moist soil so your plants can share that moist air. Plants don't like to touch each other though, so keep some space in between.
  • Create a pebble tray: Line a waterproof tray with pebbles and then fill the tray with water. Place the plant on the pebbles (there should be enough pebbles that the plant is not resting directly in water). As the water in the pebbles evaporates, it creates humidity for the plants.


Most houseplants prefer temperatures between 65° and 75°, so keep them away from particularly drafty windows or direct heat sources.


During winter, the sun is lower in the sky and light levels drop. Check to make sure your plants are in a location that are getting enough sun. Move plants closer to the windows (as long as they're not drafty -- see above) and if possible, they should face south or west.

Clean the leaves

Homes tend to accumulate more dust in the winter because the air is warm and dry. Dusty plant leaves can be bad news, as they encourage disease and can prevent sunlight absorption. Make sure you keep your plant leaves dust-free.